I am the mum of our wonderfully creative and dynamic (highly functioning) but beautifully autistic boy Levi and our crazy extroverted people person of a girl Elsie.

I’m truly passionate about Horticultural Therapy, hoping to see it prescribed by the NHS increasingly. I spend my spare time (what spare time?) doing voluntary School Gardening at my sons mainstream school down the road. I’m the wife to a busy active shift worker, Andy. I do a bit of craft (not as well as I’d like) including some simple crochet which I occasionally manage to sell for real money. I am currently training in Forest School and investing time in my sons local school site, fundraising and encouraging the families of the school to spend more time in them.

When I get a moment, or a coherent thought, I blog about it, but I am indeed blagging blogging, so be patient with me. I’m keen to share conversations with you all on all of these things, and more. Join me on the journey.