Shoe shopping

Today we ventured to John Lewis for school shoes and I have to admit we had a really great experience. I always dread these fittings (I’ve never met a parent who didn’t dread these even a little). Today I phoned in advance and was told a lady called Judy who was (personally) experienced in Asperger’s and trained in shoe fitting would meet me. A car journey, a meltdown about the car, a dodgy lift and an alarm in the technology department later, and we arrived and were taken to a side room. She was amazing. At one point things were going so smoothly I felt guilty for taking her time up, but then the mood changed, he started bouncing off the walls and I was suddenly so grateful for this angel of a lady! She was calm, playful, kind and super friendly. Levi fell a bit in love I think. She even helped me get Elsie fitted and try on Levi’s school trousers as he was jumping up and down repeatedly whilst hitting his head in the changing room (classic stimming I’m told). Perhaps a step too far in one trip!?

As I thanked Judy from the bottom of my heart we both shed a tear and a smile and she told me that her own son with Asperger’s had just left for Uni. I guess we are all navigating our own challenges. So grateful for this wonderful lady, even if the shoes cost us the earth!


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