Rocket Gardens Camping

We arrived at Rocket Gardens campsite in Cornwall after a nightmare journey to find the kindest, most gracious Sainsburys delivery man in his little orange van, in the field looking most confused. I’m not sure quite what I thought I was doing ordering our shopping to be delivered in a field. I think there was some sort of part of me that thought I could organise my way out of the reality of camping with two small kids. Well, we unloaded into the front seat of the car, then walked the kids across the field and started pitching our air tent at 8pm! By 10pm we’d borrowed someone else’s pump for our fancy new air tent (yes, we didn’t pack the pump! You can guess the kind of martal bliss that was oozing from our pitch as darkness fell ad our tent was still a flat heap on the grass), kids were fed, tent finally done & pegged, beds inflated and hot chocolate was on. Elsie has JUST dropped off now (11pm). We’ve snuck our dinner by candle light and are into our sleeping bags. It’s raining out. Here’s hoping tomorrow is more chilled/less rainy/less traffic congested. Oh cripes, what have we done.


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