The Dinner Winner (No really)

This is the ‘Dinner Winner Plate’ which I keep meaning to share with you all. Excellent for fussy eaters who like their food separate and need an incentive to finish their meal. Our local authority ‘Autism Advisor’ (who is a fountain of knowledge and utter God send) recommended it, and although it was a bit pricey on Amazon it has been worth it (My mum gave it as an Easter gift in the end). We fill the final pot with a reward for meals (buttons or coins or even a ‘token’ exchanged for dessert) which my son’s not so keen on. The small sections help me to remember what portion sizes are realistic, and he also enjoys the process of starting at one end and journeying to the end. An immediate visible reward is really helpful for High Functioning Autists to teach them a positive association with something they may not enjoy, and I don’t see it as bribery at all! We do it as adults for ourselves, so why not them?! What do you use to help with fussy eating?


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