Ambitious parents

Today I’ve been helping my Dad and Mum move into their partially built house. No really, partially! These too are absolutely crazy, but also ambitious, hardworking, kind & generous hearted, creative folks. They are far from perfect but I’ve never known anyone so good at proper hard graft as the McClure clan. They’re about to move into a house which doesn’t have a front door, internal partitions, water, electricity, a bathroom or a kitchen (that’s just the start of it). And Dad leaves for Africa to lead teams of young people in serving the community all summer in 4 DAYS. As nuts as this seems it is pretty normal for my folks. Always stretching themselves, sometimes too far but often further than I can imagine is possible. I haven’t yet worked this out for myself. For now I’m just looking at this house my Dad and brother built with their bare hands in less than 6 months and thinking of how proud I am of all their hard work and that unbelievable determination.


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