Therapy on the darker days

I’m so grateful for a few hours snatched in our garden with this little one today. On the darker days it’s harder to motivate myself to leave the disaster zone of our house, the messy floors and stacked dishes to go outside. Then this one walks to the door with her shoes in her hand and shouts at me until I let her out. My mum tells me that her mother was renowned for this combination of messy home but loved garden and I’m happy for my girl and I to inherit this nature. I’m so grateful for this girl dragging me out here, the air, the creative process of transforming our precious but messy land into a soul enriching space for our family. Out here the mess of borders and weeds aren’t a ‘to do list’; they’re a therapy which lifts my mood and gives my soul a deep, slow breath of fresh air. The rest of the world feels miles away despite the sound of traffic over the fence in our busy suburbia.


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