Little pick me ups

When I was little and at school, my mum used to leave little gifts on my bed for me to find on occasional days when she knew I needed a little boost. The weeks when the term felt like it was dragging on and on, or when someone said something nasty that just stuck over me for days, or when I’d got 0/10 yet again on the mental arithmetic test. Never as lavish as new Little Bird by Jools wellies and a rainbow coloured top, but always bringing a smile to my face nevertheless. Just knowing that someone had thought of you enough to get you something and leave it out would make me feel SO special. Treasured and loved.

This is something we’ve repeated in our home, and it never fails to bring a smile. The surprise he gets when he comes in to get dressed after school and sees something on his freshly made bed. It can be super practical, to fill a need, it doesn’t matter. Sometimes it’s new Spider Man vests or pants from a bargain bin! When I was little, I didn’t realise how lovely they must have been for her to give, and how much it must have encouraged her to see my face light up after all those tears and sadness. A treat I just love to watch myself for this boy who finds school really relentless. 

What parenting tricks have you repeated?


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